About Us

Here at Spec 5 Services we offer a wide array of structural and miscellaneous steel options. If you have a vision, we can build it! Our specialties include Bridgework, Structural Steel, Misc. Metals and Plate Work. We offer a full array of services from estimating,  project management, consulting – lean fabrication, drafting, engineering, design & build, steel erection and more!

At Spec 5 Services, clients are a core priority. With over 20 years of experience in the Steel industry we deliver professional and peace of mind Estimating services for Structural, Miscellaneous Metals and Plate work Projects.

“ Our goal is to provide our customers with professional services that offer the highest value, while maintaining there overheads to a minimum ”

John Porter, President

Company Profile

Spec 5 Services is the source of many projects throughout the city of Moncton and many other cities around New Brunswick as well as other provinces. Some of our projects include the Dieppe Aquatic Center, the Moncton Museum, and the Springhill Penitentiary in Nova Scotia.

Spec 5 Services started off with very few employees and has grown to over 50, which include a professional staff of management, journeymen, apprentices and labourers. All employees are focused on achieving one goal, to exceed the expectations of our customers.

At Spec 5 Services we strive towards innovation not only in the industry but in the work environment as well. Everything is geared towards a better and brighter future for our customers, employees and suppliers. We look forward to fostering many new relationships in the years to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior services in the miscellaneous and structural steel industry with professionalism, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. Achieving so with a safe work environment that encourages employees to foster new ideas, innovate, grow.