There are many advantages in utilizing Spec 5 Services.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Firm price on contract so your company will know up front how much Estimating Services will cost.
  • No need to train new personnel so you’re senior management personnel can concentrate on more important task.
  • No office space or office supplies required. (Computers, software, others…) 
  • No upgrades required every 2 years on computers and software. 
  • No Electricity bills. 
  • No phone, fax or internet bills. 
  • No insurance, medical or pension program cost.
  • No insurance, medical or pension program cost.
  • No supervision required. 
  • No need to lay off employees in slow construction or recession periods. 
  • Does not increase work load of staff members during rushed construction periods. 
  • Over 20 years as project manager/ Estimator for the US and Canadian Steel industry. 

Every fabricators goal is to get from coordination/ planning to fabrication and erection without too many issues arising from pour coordination between general contractors, design teams, drafting/ engineering firms, suppliers, production coordinator or just not being on top of things. With Spec 5 Services and its president 20 years of project management experience and successful project completion, Spec 5 Services will help to reduce your daily operation cost but also increase your profit margin on each project.